Class Schedule


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
8:00 am              
9:00 am           Adv. Tower
10:00 am Fundamentals
      Stretch Tower
Int. Tower
11:00 am           Fundamentals


12:00 pm            



5:30 pm





6:00 pm Adv. Tower



















Schedule subject to change

Fundamentals: This class will introduce you to the tower, mat and apparatus.  Students will learn a comprehensive approach to the Pilates method, and experience a well- rounded workout.

Intermediate Tower:  Students must have experience operating the tower and have a good comprehension of the mat. 

Advanced Tower:  This is a fast paced, challenging class at an advanced level.  Instructors' approval to enter is strongly suggested.

Stretch Tower:  This class uses the Pilates method to focus on stretch while using the tower and apparatus.